Fathers Day Movie Fest Gift Box w/ 10.00 Red Box Card

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Is your Dad the classic "Couch Potato" or an avid Movie Lover? Hey there's nothing wrong with a little down time is there? After all he works very hard and he deserves some relaxation doesn't he…….We have created the perfect gift for all those great Dads out there that cherish their down time on the couch! The Fathers Day Movie Fest Gift Box includes: 10.00 Red Box gift card, Movie Reel tin filled with 12 assorted fun size candy bars, Twizzlers licorice, Reese's peanut butter cups, Milk chocolate M & M's plain, Milk chocolate peanut M & M's, Mr. Goodbar chocolate bar, Reese's Pieces candies, Skittles, 2 movie butter microwave popcorn, 2 cracker jacks caramel popcorn, Oreo cookies, 2 mini popcorn boxes filled with popcorn shaped gummy candy, black gift box. Completed gift measures 11" long by 7" wide and 14" tall and weighs 4 pounds. Wrapped in cellophane and topped with a Happy father's Day bow.

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